In a fixed-odds betting environment, managed trading is a core business function aimed at minimizing operational risk in order to maximize Gross Gaming Revenue.

A good trading team covers:

  • Basic bookmaking theory and practice.
  • Mathematical skills to aid odds compilation.
  • Sports specific advanced compilation techniques.
  • Probabilistic concepts in sports betting.
  • Essential sports betting domain knowledge for other stakeholders in your business.

But these points are just the starting points in trading and risk management. With the correct trading and risk management team the difference can be thousands or hundreds of thousands a month in profits.

Trading and Risk Management teams track data and customize for local markets, real-time analysis of data to limit risk exposure. They get involved in bonuses and marketing opportunities.

Quality trading teams are hidden and protected by the companies that use them because of this. It might be easier to get an audience with the Pope than get the names of a Risk Management team that a successful sportsbook is using.

But, get in touch with the experts at iGAM and we know the teams, we know the companies, and through years of trust built while working with these companies, we can get you the right people to ensure that losses are never a problem and you are only counting profits.

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