Whether it is a betting shop, casino, or just a sports terminal in an existing business, the regulations are the first thing to consider. But they are only a small part of starting your own offline business.

The full process of opening any offline gambling establishment is built up over stages, and many revisions as time goes on. The initial procedure, we follow, is:

  • Check the regulations and then check them again and again. In a constantly changing environment regulations change.
  • Create a full business plan, that not only covers the initial startup, but the future, and proposed changes to the industry in the future.
  • Register the gambling business. Depending on the country, state, and city this differs immensely. Our legal experts work worldwide to ensure that you are completely compliant no matter where in the world you start.
  • Apply for a gaming license. Once again this differs all over the world. Our legal team can ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly and submitted to the relevant departments.
  • Buy the equipment.
  • Hire the right people. If you are looking to hire people you need to ensure that the people you hire know the industry. Our team has connections all over the industry and can ensure your people are the right people.
  • Marketing. Whether on an international, national or local level, we can create the right marketing campaign for you.

This is just a rough, general, overview and there is a lot more involved. The idea of setting up a betting establishment can seem a bit daunting, but with iGAM Consulting on your team, you know that the experts are in your corner.

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